GunPla contest

On the Saturday we will have a competition on building Gundam model kits.


Fire up your passion and get your tools! Together with Side7 we bring you our very first GunPla contest.

This contest is aimed for our experts out there to let them show off their skills.

Dead Line?

Sign up will start now April 3th and closes on May 10th.

Only 15 spots will be available, so sign-up for the contest as soon as you can!

All entree pieces need to be completed and shown on Saturday, May 25th.


How do you participate?

-Make sure you have a ticket for Saturday or Weekend as your creation will also be displayed on Saturday for everybody to see.

For more information about tickets follow the link below:

-Send an email to with the following information:

In subject: Sign up entree Nishicon GunPla Contest 2019 [ your name ]
*Nickname (optional)
*Male / Female
*phone number
*Kit(s) you will be using as the highlight.
*A picture of the kit in question with a paper of your name and date (dd-mm-yyyy)

You will be notified shortly after if your entry has been accepted.

What are the Rules?

-Base kit(s) needs to be a Bandai kit
-The highlight kit(s) needs to be 80% intact
-the theme is “the 40th Anniversary of Gundam”
-Mandatory Work In Progress (WIP) pictures will be asked
-max measurements of entree piece is 38cm x 33cm x 35cm

Your work will be judged by Creativity , Build quality and if it aligns with the theme.

Will we be rewarded for our efforts?


Price support will be awarded for the top 3 entrees and 1 extra will be revealed during the convention.

Contestants that enter can get a 15 euro refund on their ticket for their participation, however, the final judgment for the refund will be done by the organization to prevent people from abusing the discount on the ticket.

If you have any more questions feel free to shoot us a message through our facebook page: