Nishicon 2019 will be held on May 25 & 26 2019.

The location will once again be the Theaterhotel in Almelo.

Ticket sales will start soon. Dealers, event holders and other parties will also be able to sign up soon.

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Online Ticketsales

The online tickets sales are closed, but do not despair.

Tickets can be purchased for the following amounts at the door

Vrijdag ticket €20

Zaterdag ticket € 25

Zondag ticket € 20

Weekend ticket  € 58

Vr-Za / Za-Zo ticket € 42

Vr-Zo ticket € 37

But please note that we cannot accept card payments

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Nishicon 2018

Nishicon 2018 will be hold on 23 – 25 of February at the Theaterhotel Almelo.

You can find all of our information on our website.

For the latest news, check out our facebook page:
Nishicon facebook pagina

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Workshop: Live Photo shoot

Op de zaterdag wordt er een lezing gehouden over fotografie en poseren.



Everything you always wanted to know…. Here’s your chance to ask all your questions about a photo shoot, camera, lighting, settings, posing and more during a live photo shoot.

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Program Online

Our complete program is now online.

Follow the link: PROGRAMMA

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Volunteer discount on hotel rooms

Also new this year: volunteers staying at the Theaterhotel get up to €30 discount on their hotel rooms, also volunteers who have already booked their rooms. See the volunteers page for more information.

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Now accepting volunteer applications

Applications for volunteers are open! You can register your application for gopher or steward at Nishicon 2016.

For more information, refer to the VOLUNTEERS page, or just go directly to the APPLICATION FORM.
(sorry, the form is only in Dutch. We accept volunteers who are fluent in Dutch and/or English, so if you need an English translation, please contact us)

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Hotel rooms

Reservations for hotel rooms are open! They can be booked on the Theaterhotel Almelo website, through THIS LINK.

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Dealer applications are open

Applications for dealers are open! We offer opportunities for retailers, craftsmen and other creative souls to sell their wares. See our dealers page for more information.

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Nishicon 2016

Nishicon 2016 will be our first 3 day convention! held on the 7-9 of oktober in the famous Theaterhotel in Almelo.

since this is our second ex AnimeCon location our themes this year is fittingly:


Tickets sales will open soon.

Tickets are for sale right now!

Hotel rooms can be booked through the hotel site. You can find a direct link on your right.


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