House Rules

By entering the location of Nishicon you automatically accept the following house rules. In the event that these rules leave room for interpretation the judgment of the staff and crew of Nishicon is conclusive. Stichting Nishi cannot be held responsible for personal damages or damage, theft or loss of personal properties.

Eating, drinking and smoking.

1. On the entire terrain of Nishicon, including the outside area, with exception of those areas intended for eating and drinking, food and drinks may not be brought or consumed. Dealers are allowed to eat in the dealer section, behind their tables. Garbage needs to be dumped in the appropriate garbage bins, both inside and outside.

2. Inside is a no smoking area.

Wristbands and baggage.

1. Every visitor will receive a wristband, which needs to be worn visibly at all times. Staff and gophers can be recognized by their clothes and badges.

2. It is not allowed to bring large bags into the dealerroom, gameroom or the event rooms. Bags can be deposited for free in our bagroom. Staff and gophers have the right to remove bags and coats from places they do not belong.

Photography, video, phones and electronics.

1. While on the terrain of Nishicon you agree to the possibility of being filmed or photographed for promotional and/or security reason by and for Stichting Nishi.

2. Visitors are not allowed to film or photograph any person or event without their permission.

3. Press has certain privileges.

4. Stichting Nishi and its members cannot be held responsible for violations of portrait rights as mentioned in the Nederlandse Auteurswet 1912.

Weapons and cosplay attributes.

1. Weapons (real, replicas, or models) are not allowed within the terrain of Nishicon.

2. Cosplay weapons en attributes (props) have to be in accordance with the Nederlandse wapenwet. They have to be recognizable as fake. They also cannot be to big, have dangerous parts or capable of causing danger to their surroundings in any way. During competitions on stage large props are allowed.

3. If you want to know if your prop is allowed, contact Nishicon in advance or ask at the info desk. Large props need to be approved in advance. There will be someone at our info desk to check and approve your prop. You are still responsible for your own props.

4. Staff and gophers are always allowed to rule that your prop cannot be used, and can confiscate it, or request you to drop it at the bag room. This can also happen if your prop has already been approved, eg. when you use it in unsafe ways.

5. Also outside the terrain of Nishicon we request all props to be concealed and transported with safety, to prevent being seen as a threat by the police or others.


1. Pets and other animals are not allowed at Nishicon. 

Order and security.

1. All visitors should treat each other normally and with respect. Keep in mind that the location is also open to regular people. The following acts are not allowed.
– Negative and unpleasant behavior towards others.
– Disrupting the activities ea of Nishicon.
– Displaying signs with explicit language, solicitations, threats and insults.
– Distributing flyers on the terrain of Nishicon or placing them on any surface. You can leave these at our info desk for distribution, but our staff always has the right to remove them. Contact the organisation in advance to come to an agreement.
– Offering goods and services outside the intented locations.
– Dressing morally inappropriate.
– Obstructing doors and (emergency) exits or hallways.
– Unneccesary screaming.
– Skipping queues.
– Being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
– Fighting, both real and fake (except on stage during competitions).
– Immoral behaviour.
– Unsafe behaviour.
– Theft.
– Deliberately causing damage.
– Being in a restricted area, for example the Staff/Gopherroom and the tech areas.
Stichting Nishi has the right to call the police and to claim any financial damage. In case of theft this will always be reported to the police.
If you witness one or more of these behaviours, please let our staff or crew know.

2. All visitors need to be able to ID themselves when requested by our staff or crew.

3. Stichting Nishi has the right to remove visitors from the convention location. Entry ticket money will be restituted. Other expenses cannot be claimed against Stichting Nishi or her members.

Tickets and Cancellations.

1. Tickets are personal. Reselling tickets is not allowed.

2.  Tickets can no longer be cancelled after they have been paid for.

3. Ticket restitution for volunteers etc. needs to be requested no later than two weeks after the event.

4.  Children under 6 years old can enter for free and without a ticket.