AMV Competition Information and rules

For everybody who wants to show their home made AMV (Anime Music Video) during our convention we have the AMV competition. Making AMV’s and watching them is fun, but joining the competition and seeing your AMV on the big screen is even better!

It is allowed (within limits) to send in AMV’s that have been published before!

Further explanation can be found at the bottom of this page.

To participate you can simply send an e-mail to with the subject “AMV compo”, and with your first and last name in the message.

The deadline to send in your AMV is May 19th 23:59:59.

Tips en information can be found on websites such as and

If you have any other questions you can contact us through or our forum.


Video codec: software to decode video files and to play video files on video players.

Audio Codec: software to work with audio files and to play audio files.

Aspect Ratio: The size of the screen. For example 16:9 or 4:3.

Container: The type of video file. For example AVI or MP4.

Codec information.
H264: is the most widely used codec for MP4 containers for 720p HD ready video. Usually a resolution of 1280×720 is used.

DIVX: A codec that you have to pay for. It is used for 720p or 576p. Good for AVI videos.

XVID: The opposite of DIVX. You can download this one for free. XVID works best for AVI containers so this codec and that container are good for Sony Vegas users.

Screen resolutions.

The number on the right is the number of pixels shown.
1920×1080 : HD resolution.

1440×1080 : also HD but a bit lower. It is still 1080p.

1280×720: most AMV editors use this resolution. It is 720p HD ready.

1024×576: The 576 pixels quality of this resolution. Known as the highest DVD quality.

720×480: The 480 progressive resolution.

640×480: As above, but a bit smaller in the length.


When is the deadline?

The deadline for sending in your AMV is 2 weeks before the convention, May 11, 23:59:59. Submissions after this date might be accepted in certain circumstances, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What file extensions are accepted?

MKV H264

Other AMV requirements.

Your AMV needs to be an original, self made project, which has not been shown at another Dutch convention. At least 50% of the video needs to consist of animations and music. Manga shots and live-action are also allowed.
Excessive violence and pornography are not allowed. In case of doubt: contact us.
Maximum total length is 3:30.
Do not use any logo’s or subtitles. Remove or crop any that you find.
Video resolution needs to be minimally 1024×576 and maximum 1920x1080p. Aspect ratio can be both 4:3 as 16:9. (but be careful not to stretch the original anime file to a different aspect ratio).

Uploading and submitting.
The name of the video file has to be your first and last name (and/or nickname), followed by the titel of your AMV.
Upload the file to your own server/cloud or use a site like Rapidshare or Wetransfer.

The total number of submissions is not yet know. This depends on the length of all sent in files.

We will not use of spread your files without permission.

You are not supposed to upload your AMV to Youtube, Vimeo, AMV Org or similar video community sites before the contest. When Nishicon is over you are allowed to do so.

You can participate with a remastered AMV.

The rules for these AMV’s are as follows:

  • Convention shown AMV’s that have been severely remasterd zijn (eg. an amv made years ago but improved with new techniques)

will be allowed as long as the original has been published more than 2 years before the 2020 Nishicon AMV competition(so before May 2018.

  • Send in arguments as to why it is a proper remaster (480p source with subs/marks to 1080p source without subs/marks for example. We will check this thoroughly).
  • In doubt you can email us before you start remastering to ask if your project would qualify.

Starting 2019 you can enter from a distance!

There are several strict rules:

  • The AMV follows all other Nishicon Competition rules (including remasters)
  • If your AMV wins a price an arrangement will be made for you to collect your price.
  • You need to be able to collect your price in the Netherlands.