CONCERT: Dress Up Town

On both the Friday and the Saturday we’ll have a spectacular musical performance by the band Dress Up Town!



The world is cold and dark, viscious and full of sadness. Sometimes it seems like the despair never ends and all is lost… And when all hope seems to have perished, when the world turns against you, a small speck of light will come flying from afar. It isn’t a bird, it isn’t a plane. It’s also not Mega Mindy. It is Magical Girl Myu Strawberry who has come to bring joy back to your life! She and her butlers combined form Dress Up Town, the one and only anime cover band from the Netherlands!

Playing all anime-hits of the last few years they are determined to turn every woeful day into a magical wonderland of music! Myu and her butlers will do anything to make their show the show of the century! Both Friday and Saturday Dress Up Town will supervise and watch over everyone’s happiness at the convention, so that each and everyone can fearlessly keep enjoying their convention.

In the name of music! Dress Up Town, at your service!


Curious? Watch the  Promo video