Bring & Buy

During the opening hours of our dealerroom  you can go to the Bring & Buy to buy second hand merchandise from other visitors. The ideal way to get your favorite items for a good price.


If you want to sell your own goods at Nishicon 2019, you can do so using the form below.

Pay attention, this form has 2 tabs! The first tab has the form that you have to fill in. The 2nd tab has all the labels that you stick on the products. So don’t forget to print out both tabs!


To fill in this form you can make a personal copy of the form, or you can download it to your computer and then open and edit it.


For submitting your products at the Bring & Buy, you will need a valid ticket to the convention.

Prices are in whole euro’s.

Attach the labels to your products.

Wrap your products as good as you can, but make sure the product remains visible.

We have a maximum of 25 items per person.

We can only accept fully filled out forms.

Your products should be turned in on the first day of the convention, we will then proceed to check the products to assure that it is legitimate and can be sold (damaged goods and bootlegs will not be sold!)

On the last Sunday, 2 hours before closing time, the products will be returned and any payments will be dealt with accordingly as stated on the form.