Bring & Buy

During the opening hours of our dealerroom  you can go to the Bring & Buy to buy second hand merchandise from other visitors. The ideal way to get your favorite items for a good price. The Bring & Buy is organized by Miatzy.


On the MIATZY website you can read in detail how everything works. Everybody who has a weekend ticket can hand in their goods on Friday, as long as you have printed all the right forms and packed all your goods correctly. So be sure to read it thoroughly!


Miatzy Rules

Miatzy has the following rules for their Bring & Buy:

  • You must be a Whole Weekend visitor to submit items to the Bring & Buy. Single day visitors will not be able to submit items for the Bring & Buy. Of course they can buy items at the Bring & Buy.
  • Your items must be handed over to the Bring & Buy crew in the dealer room.  You can submit your items when the dealerroom is opened, but also a short while before it opens; ask the convention staff.
  • You must use the downloadable Bring & Buy submission form and follow it’s instructions to the letter.
  • Your goods must obviously be secondhand.
  • Your goods must be anime,Japan or manga related.
  • We are not going to re-sell 30 or something model kits for you. If you want to sell that many of these large items you need to hire a dealer table. We will only put down a few of your items at the same time.
  • Absolutely NO bootlegs whatsoever. Please note, bootleg items will not be sold. (For people that don’t have a clue, bootleg means: an illicitly produced, distributed, or sold product).
  • If you want to sell things together, make sure you package them together. Pack your stuff in a way people can see what it is. Do not wrap things in paper or similar materials, but use clear plastic foil, but do NOT use transparent kitchen foil to pack your goods.
  • Be careful in setting your price level. Pricing too high might result in selling nothing at all.
  • We have the right to refuse ANY item offered for the Bring & Buy for ANY reason we see fit. If you are in serious doubt if we will accept your article(s) it is possible to ask us through mail.
  • A 10% share of your earnings will go to us as an administrative fee. If you do not sell anything, it doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Submitted items that were not sold and your share of your item’s earnings (if any) can be obtained on the last day of the convention two hours before closing time of the dealerroom; be on time!
  • Unsold items that are not picked up before the end of the convention will become property of Miatzy.
  • Miatzy staff can not be held liable for any missing, stolen or damaged property you may have handed over for sale at the Bring & Buy table.

Of course our own house rules also apply at all times.