All weekend long you can play your favorite card- and boardgames in the card-/boardgames room.


Trading Card Game players, we are happy to announce that wil be present at Nishicon.
During the entire weekend we welcome you to play your favourite TCG at our stand.
Our staff stands at the ready with intro’s and demo’s.

Feeling competitive? We will be hosting mini tournaments on all 3 days. These will start as soon as we have enough for an 8-man flight so swing by the stand on the day and register yourself as a
participant. The TCG’s we’re hosting are:
– Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (demo’s + tournaments + product)
– Yu-Gi- Oh! (demo’s + tournaments + product)
– Pokemon Trading Card Game (demo’s + tournaments)
– Cardfight! Vanguard (demo’s + tournaments)
– Weiss Schwarz (demo’s + tournaments) is an online store that focuses on Trading Card Games(TCG’s) and the accessoiries for them, in particular the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. More TCG’s are bound to follow so come by our stand and tell us which game you would like to see, or leave a message on Facebook.