Sushi Workshop

At Nishicon we will hold several Sushi Workshops during the entire weekend, as well as a separate Onigiri Workshop on Saturday, where you will learn to create your very own sushi, and you’re allowed to eat it all!


WHAT IS THE SUSHI WORKSHOP? During this workshop the experienced and professional chef TAJI will teach you to make your own sushi or onigiri. And when everybody is finished, it is time to feast.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE? Sushi and onigiri unfortunately are not cheap. To participate you will have to pay for the materials you will be using (but hey, you get to eat it). The material cost will be €10 for the sushi workshop and €7,- for the onigiri workshop. How to pay for this you can read on the page: Paying.

You also have to sign up using this form. Be in time, because we have a limited amount of spots!